THC Vape Juice Sweeps The Globe

In every facet of life, there are trends. Some of these trends are based purely on popularity, driven by social media and word of mouth. We want what others have and that leads us to copy their behavior. However, some trends, like THC vape juice, catch on because they solve problems.

If there was an easy way to do something you enjoy, would you consider it? It’s foolish not to. We must look at potential downsides and the benefits to make a proper decision. When it comes to DIY THC vape juice, the benefits clearly outweigh any drawbacks.

This makes vaping cannabis a viable and preferred method. Let’s explore the trend together.

THC Vape Juice And The Cannabis Revolution

While there was a time that cannabis had a bad reputation, the tide is quickly turning. Today, many see cannabis as a harmless alcohol alternative. Others appreciate its medicinal value. Those who enjoy using cannabis recreationally often cite beneficial relaxation, a lack of hangovers, a feeling of connection with the world, and mind expansion as positive motivators.

Society at large finally understands that cannabis users aren’t losers who can’t function normally. Instead, we know that many people from all walks of life incorporate cannabis into their productive and even high functioning routines.

This change in view and destigmatization ushers in a new era for cannabis. This climate naturally gave way to vaping.

THC Vape Juice Is Rich In Cannabinoids

Hemp capsules and cannabis produce substances called cannabinoids which interact with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. The receptors, fatty acids, neurotransmitters, and biochemicals in this system are always at work keeping the body in balance. It responds to external stress and changes and triggers responses that help the body regulate itself.

While CBD is a popular cannabinoid in discussions about medicinal cannabis use, THC also has some benefits. Set aside the pleasure of the intoxication it produces and considers its promise as a dementia treatment. It helps ease depression, anxiety, and insomnia as well. People with PTSD often find relief through full-spectrum cannabis that contains both THC and CBD.

Outside of the recommendation that a glass of wine can help with heart issues, can we attribute the same level of medicinal value to alcohol?

When one vapes cannabis, the delivery method operates at lower temperatures than smoking it. This means that more cannabinoids are released for inhalation. Fewer burn up and are wasted compared to smoking.

Furthermore, cannabis concentrates are themselves, cannabinoid dense. The plant material is stripped away by extraction methods. The resulting concentrate is nearly pure cannabinoid.

By this logic, vaping is more efficient than smoking.

Using THC Vape Juice Is Safer, More Discreet, And Economical

Smoking cannabis produces dangerous chemicals that we call byproducts. It’s the burning that creates these toxic elements. Vaping, on the other hand, allows users to experience cannabinoids while avoiding combustive byproducts.

This is particularly true if you adhere to the best vape practices of using the lowest possible temperature to achieve the desired effect. Vaping ‘low and slow’ is always the safest option.

Secondly, vaping in a pen or mod is one of the most discreet ways to consume cannabis. It is visually identical to any other vaper (nicotine) and carries less odor than smoking. Of course, carrying around a large electric vape or dab rig will draw some attention. However, any way you smoke cannabis is pretty conspicuous, so vaping gives more discreet options.

But what about the cost? Because vaping is more economical for cannabinoid delivery, it often saves users money. If you take the simple step to mix up your own THC vape juice with a product like Wax Liquidizer, you can save even more. In fact, it could be the cheapest way to use cannabis out of all.

Making THC Vape Juice For Better Economy And Greater Control

By purchasing a separate mixing solution called a thinner or perhaps liquidizer and spending mere seconds in the kitchen, you can make a THC vape juice that works in any standard vape mod. That means you can load your custom blend into a pod pen, an RDA, a sub-ohm vape mod, or even a simple disposable cartridge. The only requirement is that you can fill the cartridge yourself.

In order to suit the vape you have, you may have to thin your mix more than directed. This is the only ‘fussy’ part of this method and still requires very little effort. The best way to proceed is to mix up a small batch according to the manufacturer directions (2:1 for Wax Liquidizer) and try some in your tank.

Don’t fill your tank to the brim on the first try, because if your mix doesn’t work well in your vape, you can add additional liquidizer to your backup reserve and try again. This avoids ‘wasting’ your first gram of wax while getting used to the method.

In order to mix your concentrate and liquidizer, simply heat the mix in the microwave or on the stove top. There are easy to follow directions on the Wax Liquidizer website that offer options for warming.

You don’t have to have wax to do this. This method works for almost any cannabis concentrate. Now you can choose one of the company’s 7 flavors and start vaping right away!

If you are looking to learn more about cannabis products and their derivatives, a good place to start would be how it is manufacured. Looking up things like “best MCT Oils for CBD products” will help you learn about the product from start to finish, and allow you to make educated decisions about what you put in your body.