Vaping Overview for Beginners

It seems nowadays more people are vaping than ever. People vape for many different reasons, for some it is a stress relief, for others it may be an alternative to smoking, or even a means of quitting smoking altogether. Whatever the reason, the demand for vapes today is higher than ever before.

It was back in 2007 when smoking became banned in public places. Prior to the ban, people were allowed to smoke as and when they pleased. People smoked in bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, and it was socially acceptable in all these spaces. Many of the small and independent businesses however, still allowed smoking in the form of an electronic cigarette. And why not? The aroma was not the same, the scent didn’t linger and passive smoking was not a known health hazard. It seemed at the time, when vaping burst onto the scene, that it would be a short lived trend, one that would soon die out. However, it has only grown in popularity as the years have passed. 

Vaping devices and electronic cigarettes can be purchased at most gas stations, over the counter in many high street shops and the demand online is higher than ever. Sites like are a hot spot online for finding some of the slickest and coolest beginner vaping kits and electronic cigarettes on the market today! 

Not only are electronic cigarettes and vaping devices indoor friendly, they are actually nowhere near as harmful to your health as regular cigarettes. Cigarettes produce carcinogens when lit with a match or lighter, which is inhaled when smoked. They also contain a high concentration of tar, a thick compound which can, over time, settle on the lungs leading to respiratory problems and even lung cancer. Regular smoking not only damages the lungs, it is bad for the heart to. Smoking has direct link to high blood pressure, which again over time, will lead to higher risk of heart disease, strokes and even heart attacks. The toxins contained in a normal cigarette also leave the kidneys and liver working overtime to flush the body of unwanted chemicals in the bloodstream. 

Those who choose vaping over smoking avoid the excess tar and carcinogens. It is certainly less harmful to the organs, the lungs won’t suffer the same as normal smoking, neither will the heart, kidneys or liver. Electronic cigarettes and vaping kits were originally introduced to help smokers quit. Many have reported great success in quitting smoking thanks to the aid of vaping kits. Others simply use vaping as an alternative to smoking and are happy in doing so. Not to mention, vaping is actually financially the wiser choice. With rechargeable batteries and refillable nicotine fluid tanks, vaping devices and electronic cigarettes will last months, even years if properly maintained and looked after. 

It seems as though the vaping industry is only going in one direction. And that is upwards. The industry soon surpassed the market value of the tobacco and cigarette industry following the banning of smoking in public places. And, since vaping and electronic cigarettes have been introduced, it is believed there are a considerable number of fewer teenagers turning to cigarettes as well. Sure, vaping may not be ideal for a teenager, but it is certainly better than smoking cigarettes filled with tar and other chemical substances. Those who have chosen vaping over smoking, include people who have smoked the majority of their lives, not just young adults who are new to the habit. It is popular amongst smokers as they can now choose a variety of flavours such as cherry, tropical fruits, lemon and even bubblegum to name a few.