Types of Bongs for Vaping

Bongs were introduced to enhance the vaping experience and take it to a new level. We all are fond of our vaping pens as it is convenient and can be vaped anywhere, but bongs, on the other hand, have that upper hand in taste and vapor creation, which is unmatched when compared to any other vaping device. Bongs have various benefits which make them the most adaptable to vaping. They are highly resistant to heat, they are made from high-quality material and are robust vaping devices. There are so many cool bongs we love, which we are going to describe below.

To get you a better idea of what a bong is, below are some of the top bongs used for vaping.

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Hemper Sea Turtle Bong

The hemper sea turtle is a tall bong having a height of 7 inches. This tall bong features a neck that is straight and easy to hold. One good thing about this bong is that it is available in numerous colors. There is a bowl that comes bundled with the bong. The bowl is of 14mm and fits right for everyone’s requirements.

Jammer Mini Rig

The jammer is a bong which is perfect for being used with a lower temperature. It is made from 100% pure quartz material giving it that distinct look. The bong allows the delivery of a superior and smooth flavor, which is unique compared to any other bongs. The body of this bong is quite durable as it comes with 4mm glass protection. This bong is safe for vaping as it is made from medical grade glass. The bongs’ design makes it very easy to be cleaned, which is essential while using a bong for vaping.

Grav Helix Beaker Bong

The showerhead in this bong is placed in the down stem, which allows optimal smoke diffusion. The bong’s design is made so that users can easily clean it from time to time. The mouthpiece is believed to be one of the most significant bong innovations as it allows a spin and cold smoke. The bowl of the bong is 14mm, protecting it from falls and jerks. This bong is designed to function even with 2 inches of water, which is quite remarkable.

Hemper Eggshell Bong

This egg-shaped bong is quite uniquely designed but, at the same time, is one of the most efficient bongs among all that can be found. The bong comes with a boiler dome top. It comes with a four slit diffuser allowing superior quality vapes. The four slit diffuser is placed in the bong’s downstem, which allows it to be so unique yet efficient. The down stem of the bong can easily prevent splashback at the time of consumption. The bong comes with a 45-degree mouthpiece easy to consume the vapor. The bong comes with a 14mm male joint bowl.

Leafly Strain Tile Beaker Bong:

This bong is designed in a beaker style, which makes it unique from all other bongs. The beaker style bong is durable enough and has a classy touch, which attracts many vaping enthusiasts worldwide. This is a 12 inches bong in a beaker’s shape and comes with an adjustable down stem. The glass of the bong is made from borosilicate, making it tough and robust. The joint in this bong is at 45 degrees, which is very convenient for vaping purposes.

The bongs mentioned above will help you get an idea regarding the various shapes and designs available on the market. Ensure you buy a bong made from excellent quality glass, offering you resistance against heat. We hope the bongs mentioned above help you to get the right fit you were looking for.